Jake Gyllenhaal is Love (qwijybo) wrote in jakesmyhero,
Jake Gyllenhaal is Love

Jake Boytouching Picspam

First off, I'm new in this comm, so, HI. Second, I have posted quite a few pics of our boy Jake getting touchy-feely with boys in other comms, so I decided to put all of my Jake Gyllenhaal boytouching pics in one post at my journal (all of these pics have been posted by myself and others before, just so you know). I plan on updating it as I get more pics of Jake and "friends." Enjoy (but then again, how could you not?)

WARNING: If you have a problem with anything slashy/homoerotic, keep on moving. Neither one of us wants an argument, now do we? (especially when Jake wants us all to get along)

Feel the Jake love at my journal
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