Nicci (niciasus) wrote in jakesmyhero,

Stuff One Should Not Know If They Have a Life

How ironic is this that one of the character's name in Jake's upcoming "Zodiac" movie is named John Ennis. Had to look twice - to make sure I was reading correctly. LOL

Speculations are abound on one of JG's fansites. Jakey is wearing a heavy beard and moustache (Gawd, I do hate the hair on his face.) He seems awful sad and lonely. According to the snapshots of him on the net he's showing up wearing the same pair of jeans, sometimes the same ratty black shoes and lately the same t-shirt. You know the one with the stamp on it.

Personally, I think the reason why Jake is appearing worn around the edges is due to this new character he's playing in Zodiac. Staying in character and keeping it on the edge.
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I thought the character's name was Robert Graysmith?
One should not post when brain cells have died -- actually the actor's name is John Ennis and he plays the part of Terry Pascoe.

I got stuck on John Ennis. :-)

You're right about Jake as R. Graysmith.
Ahh Interesting....
They wrapped filming already though, right after the Baftas.