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jakesmyhero's Journal

Jake = My Hero
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All Members , Moderated

I try not to think of this as just another Jake Gyllenhaal Community.
I wanted to make a place where Jake fans could unite and discuss whatever it is that appeals
to them about Jake, his career, or his films. Plus, I didn't know of any other communities
that were about Jake being thier hero... so here it is.

I am not in any way affiliated with Jake Gyllenhaal,
his managment company, or anyone who knows him. I wish I were, but I'm not.
I am not responsible for any offense you may have against ideas that may be
portrayed through various posts (example: Jake/Heath gay refrences, personal
opinions, etc.
). This community is for the joy of discussion, meeting fellow
fans, and sharing stories, ideas, pictures, graphics, etc.

As a result of a recent incidence, I need to let it be known that any graphics, banners,
etc that is up in the User Info Page or on the Layout is original, and has not been
taken from anyone.

001. Bashing others will not be tolerated.
002. If you have an issue, Contact a Mod.
003. No Spamming Please... If you want to advertise
another community, please have enough curtiousy
to ask first. I'm more than likely to allow it.
004. Keep it on topic... Jake.
005. Use a Lj-Cut when posting pictures, long texts,
or larger things. If you don't know how... ask me how.
006. Make all posts 'Friends Only' in the community.
007. Have fun & Enjoy yourself!